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Terms for use of images from

Reuse of our digital images from this site for non-commercial purposes are recommended provided source is stated. All reuse of images must clearly show the following photo byline:

 Photo: The Norwegian Barents Secretariat. 
(or equal in national language).

If you want to reuse the image(s) on a non-commersial web-page you can do so without any costs as long as source is clearly stated. Please inform us about the web-address where the image(s) will be published. If possible, make a link to in addition to the byline.

For printed non-commercial media, including local newspapers within the Barents Region, images are free-of-charge in the quality avalible on this web site. Thus, you do need to fill in the formular below and clearly indicate where and when the image(s) will be printed. Please indicate the photocode of the image to be used.

For commerical media the fee for reuse of one image is 50 Euro. Reuse of images in books and PR related publications is 100 Euro per image.

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